Tips for Fellowship Applicants

This time last September, I sat in my home office back in Missoula, Montana, having a tiny panic attack. The deadline for the Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship was three weeks away. My cluttered desk summed up the state of my application: teetering stacks of books, a fringe of Post-It Notes around my computer screen, and the trash can filled with rewrites. I thought: Why put myself through the trouble? … Continue reading Tips for Fellowship Applicants

National Day of the Cowboy

Wait, cowboys still exist? On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I heard that question a lot. It surprised me a bit. I thought the average, college-educated American understood where their food comes from. Grocery stores and restaurants wouldn’t have beef without cowboys. It reminded me of a verse in the Western tune “The Rancher Feeds Us All”: Oh their work is never done, From dawn till … Continue reading National Day of the Cowboy